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Please note that this website will no longer be actively updated from 28 May 2023 when Ferryhill Parish Church unites with South Holburn and St Mark's and we become Devana Parish Church. We will keep this site online for the months ahead, but as an archive site. The current and active new website is Please do visit and bookmark the new site.

Date for your diary?

If you can attend please RSVP as soon as possible.

This can be done by contacting the office either by:

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Telephone: 01224 01224213093

Summer Club Preparation Meeting

Summer Club Preparation Meeting

This year's summer club will run every morning of 7th to 11th August and 13th August.

It's a fun packed week for children going into P2 - P7 after summer.

If you would like to join the happy band,

Please speak to Fiona Firth


come along to our  planning meetings


7.30 pm on 31st May, 15th June, and 5th July

in the foyer. 

Big Book Sale!

Big Book Sale!

The big book sale which is taking place at Queens Cross Church, in order to raise funds for Christian Aid.

Opens on Thursday 18th May at 2 pm and continues until

Sunday 21st May

Opening daily at 2 pm.

Please go along and support this great event, if you can

Remembering to bring your own bags for all your purchases!

Thank you.

Christian Aid Week 2023

Christian Aid Week - 14 - 20 May 2023

Christian Aid week is at its most powerful when a disaster happens.

Christian Aid week is held every year in May and we at Ferryhill have always responded with great generosity by donations of money through the Christian Aid envelopes. 

The people of Malawi are paying the price of this Global Crisis. The impact of the recent Cyclone Freddy in Malawi has seen devastating floods, have washed away crops, and over 500,000 people have been displaced and hundreds have lost their lives.

Food, fertiliser and school fees have doubled in price, in the last 12 months. And hard working farmers are seeing their harvests fail as the climate crisis brings increasingly erratic weather.

Through you, Christian Aid will be there long after the flood waters have  receded, helping familes build back. Your gifts this May could help farmers in Malawi plant better seeds, see a fairer price for crops and build happier futures for their children.

A single £10.00 donation could pay for a 2KG bag of Pigeon peas- a hardy drought-resistant crop.

Christian Aid won't stop until everyone has the chance to have a full life, free from poverty. They are united in the hope that with your help,  more young people will be able to transform their lives.

Envelopes for donationations to Christian Aid week, will be available at the Church on Sunday 14th and 21st of May. Or you can donate online to Christian aid via this link: Christian Aid.



Worship Schedule

The Steering Group for the new congregation agreed to adopt this schedule for upcoming services. Note that Devana Parish Church, Fonthill Road is the current Ferryhill building and Devana Parish Church, Holburn Street is the current South Holburn building.

We are planning a united service on the first Sunday of each month which will include the Sacarament of Holy Communion and this will move between the sites. On the regular Sundays we are shifting both services by 30 minutes. The service in the Holburn Street site will be a half hour earlier at 10:00 a.m. and the service at Fonthill Road will be later at 11:30 a.m. This still allows for bus arrivals in time for both services and will allow David and Peter to be able to participate together in leading both services.

28 May, 11:00 a.m. @ Fonthill Road - First Service of United Congregation

4 June, 10:30 a.m. @ Holburn Street - United Communion Service
11 June, 10:00 a.m. @ Holburn Street & 11:30 a.m. @ Fonthill Road
18 June, 10:00 a.m. @ Holburn Street & 11:30 a.m. @ Fonthill Road
25 June, 10:00 a.m. @ Holburn Street & 11:30 a.m. @ Fonthill Road

2 July, 11:30 a.m. @ Fonthill Road - United Communion Service
9 July, 10:00 a.m. @ Holburn Street - Summer Service
16 July, 10:00 a.m. @ Holburn Street - Summer Service
23 July, 10:00 a.m. @ Holburn Street - Summer Service
30 July, 10:00 a.m. @ Fonthill Road - Summer Service

6 August, 10:00 a.m. @ Fonthill Road - Summer Service
13 August, 10:00 a.m. @ Fonthill Road - Summer Service
20 August, 10:00 a.m. @ Holburn Street & 11:30 a.m. @ Fonthill Road
27 August, 10:00 a.m. @ Holburn Street & 11:30 a.m. @ Fonthill Road

We will be reviewing how this works and it will inevitably take a bit of time for us all to get used to the new times, but it will soon become the new normal as we work together.

New Teams

As we prepare for a new congregation, the Steering Group has been working to create a new structure of teams that will take a lead in planning and organising much of the ministry of Devana Parish Church. The six new teams have draft remits which are available to download here. These have been created with input from all three churches.

We need people to be a part of these new teams in order for the new congregation to work well and serve our new larger parish and the new church family. If you have already been in one of the teams at Ferryhill then you may see some similarities in the remits to teams you have been a part of before. You are encouraged to offer to play a role in the new teams. If you have not been involved before, then this would be an ideal opportunity to get involved and play your part in the formation of the new congregation. Please give this your prayerful consideration.


Note that the new logo for the congregation is a re-imagining of the traditional Presbyterian logo of the burning bush alongside a symbolic depiction of the meeting place of two waterways (Dee and Denburn) also shaped to match the flow of the river Dee along the southern edge of the new parish. The burning bush has three larger leaves within it recognising the Trinity and the three churches comprising the new Devana Parish Church.

Update On Future Plans

Please do watch the update from Ministers and Interim Moderators of all the congregations in our future grouping above.

Instant Neighbour Donations

There is a chance for you to donate food for local charity Instant Neighbour at the church each Wednesday and Saturday morning when the Coffee Shop is open. Non perishable food items and toiletries can also be dropped off on Sundays when attending worship. Items will be distributed to vulnerable and housebound people by the charity.

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Signing the Lord's Prayer

Over the next couple of months we will be encouraging us all on a Sunday morning to join with Rev Mary Whittaker during the Lord's Prayer to also sign the prayer. If you would like to practise that, please use the video above!

Ferryhill Church Coffee Shop

The coffee shop at Ferryhill Parish Church is now open on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, from 9.30 am till 1200 pm, (breakfast is served between 9.30 am and 11.40 am).

The coffee shop has a new menu,(see below), which includes both a 'Wee' breakfast at £7.00 or a 'Big' breakfast at £8.00, both offer good value as the price includes toast and a hot or cold drink of your choice.

So, if you fancy having a delicious freshly prepared breakfast, please drop by between 9.30 am and 11.40 am.

On Saturdays we offer a variety of hot breakfast rolls along with a fresh bakery box and a selection of pancakes and butteries, etc.

(last cooked order taken at 11.40 a.m.)

We have also introduced a loyalty card scheme, when you buy 10 drinks you get the next one free.

A takeway menu is also available on both Wednesdays and Saturdays.

(last cooked order taken at 11.40 a.m.)

We also have a gluten free, a children's and vegan menu available.

The coffee shop also sells a variety of handcrafted cards and gift cards , as well as pre-loved books.

So if you are passing by, pop in, we'd love to see you!




Coffeshop Menu

Breakfast rolls £2.60

Black pudding, lorne sausage, bacon, egg - Additional item 60p

Porridge £1.50 -  Add raisins or banana 60p

Large pancake & mapel syrup £1.80 - Add bacon (2 slices) £1.20

Buttery (hot or Cold) £1.60

Large pancake (hot or cold) £1.60

Small pancake (hot or cold) £1.20

Toasted tea cake      £1.60

Fruit toast (2 slices)  £1.70

Hot croissant  £1.70

All served with butter, jam, marmalade or peanut butter

Hot Drinks


 Pot of breakfast tea  £1.70

Pot of Earl Grey/Green  £1.80

Pot of Fruit tea  £1.80

Please ask server for out selection


Americano, Flat White  £2.40

Cappuccino., Latte  £2.40

All tea and coffee available decaffeinated

Hot Chocolate  £1.70

Add mini marshmallows  50p

Cold Drinks

Bottle of water  £1.00

Can of juice   £1.30 (coke, Irn-Bru, Lemonade, Tango Orange)

All available in diet

Carton apple or orange juice  £1.00

Squash ( orange or blackcurrent)  50p

Large glass of milk  80p 

Small glass of milk  60p