Lenten Series: The Ridiculous Journey

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Following A Nobody From Nowhere

During the season of Lent, each Sunday evening you are invited to join with us to explore the journey that Jesus invites us on. It is a search for purpose and meaning in the events and choices of our lives. It is a costly journey with an unknown destination that starts with a Middle Eastern homeless man from twenty centuries ago who still has the ability to stir our souls and imaginations.

Each of us gets to choose
the paths we will travel.
They will of course contain
unforeseen surprises
of both the welcome and unwelcome
Where shall we go
you and I?
Shall we go along together?
How shall we get there?
And how will we know
when “there” is now “here”?
“Come, follow me,”
a voice interrupts.
Who is this?
A wandering homeless man.
Why should we give up all of this
to follow this nobody from nowhere?
It is a ridiculous journey.
Which, of course, is the only kind there is.
So, let us begin …


Session 1 - Sunday 21 February - The Ridiculous Journey

Session 2 - Sunday 28 February - The Revolutionary

Session 3 - Sunday 7 March - The Lover

Session 4 - Sunday 14 March - The Sage

Session 5 - Sunday 21 March - The Presence

Session 6 - Sunday 28 March - Following Jesus

7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

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