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Not my usual attire

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Beautiful Chinese embroidery

On Sunday afternoon the family all descended on Havelock Street, Glasgow for a farewell lunch to the house there before my folks move at the end of the week. With the children all outside in the park opposite playing, my mum, sis and I pulled out some old chinese hanfu (I think that is the name?!) garments that my grandfather (Rev J Horace Johnston) brought back from China when he returned from Kowloon after forming Kowloon Union Church in the late 1920s.

Despite being, I would assume, well over a hundred years old, the colours of the embroidery are still absolutely stunning, as is the intricate detail of the designs. [There's more...]

So, anyway... I couldn't resist trying one of the outfits on! Unlike a kilt, the pleated "skirt" is not in one piece, but in two which made it rather awkward to fit. But we managed it just as the children all arrived back. Everyone grabbed their cameras... 

Pete in Hanfu

I think I am too tall for this to really work - the jacket should come much lower! So, alas, I think it was a one off and you won't see me on a Sunday morning wearing this outfit... you will be glad to hear! It is safely packed back in its trunk.