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Straw dollies

Written by Peter Johnston on .


Day 2 of conference at Crieff, though today it is just half a day. Today we are supposedly going to be creating a "Strawman" or "Straw dolly" as we thought strawman a bit gender restrictive! What is a strawman? In this context it is a first draft/idea of what the regional Chuch of Scotland (i.e. presbyteries) might look like in the future. This is coming from all the discussion we had yesterday. From this rough sketch more details can be added, or parts dispensed with, and so on.

It is a very difficult task... as much as we complain about presbyteries when you sit down and try to work out how you could do things differently you tend to come back to the same solutions. It will be interesting to see where it goes this morning. The Panel on Review and Reform doesn't report to the General Assembly on this matter until 2010 so I suppose they have time to flesh out the very rough ideas we've been having here.

A great evening last night with much hilarity once the work was finished... although that did mean a late night to bed... so no change there. The room I had last night, albeit briefly, was wonderful, could have brought the whole family with room to spare.