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Bubblegum and fluff

Written by Peter Johnston on .

Bubblegum and fluff

The Calderside Learning Community Chaplaincy Team comprising David Burt, Karen Harbison, Steve Younger and myself met this morning with Jen Robertson, the presbytery's Schools and Churches Youth Development Worker, to make arrangements for what should be a fun event for P6 children this Christmas.

I love the title for it: Bubblegum and Fluff. That is going to be the story we tell... about that lost piece of bubblegum that fell down the side of your bed only to be found six years later covered in fluff and all kinds of rubbish. You know that underneath all the fluff there is still a piece of bubblegum, even if it is hard to tell at a quick glance.

The point being that Christmas can be the same. So many additions have been made to the Christmas Story that sometimes it is hard to remember what is central to Christmas. 

We're inviting all the P6 classes from the feeder primary schools to Calderside Academy to come along to the church (we'll rotate around the nearest churches to the schools) and find out in a fun environment more about Christmas. It will be holiday club / Megamix style, so lots of activities, music, crafts, puppets and even a Nutty Professor.

I'm looking forward to it already! We'll need a few volunteers from St Andrew's probably on Monday 1 Dec & 8 Dec to help the chaplaincy team so if you want to get involved, let me know.