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Written by Peter Johnston on .

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The last issue of Spill the Beans saw the creative team work the whole way through three years of the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL). It has been a good journey.

We felt it might be helpful if these were made available as a single pack for those who either came to Spill the Beans late and want the back issues or for those who want further resources that are based around the RCL. Indeed some of you have asked if the earlier issues would be made available. Here they are.

These are presented as is, however, which does mean that if used in the future you may find, depending on when Easter falls, that there is a gap in the cycle. You have been warned! We would love to be able to go back and fill in those holes, but time does not allow for looking back as the Team are already now in the process of creating Issue 13 and embarking on a new chapter for Spill the Beans as we have decided to experiment with a move to the Narrative Lectionary as our scriptural plan.

Within this overspill pack you will, however, find a collective 1,536 pages of resources (okay, there are a few blank pages in there to help with printing the booklets) covering worship ideas, age group ideas, special events during the liturgical calendar, and a whole pile of beany goodness. And all this for a mere £50.