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Time Trekkers Summer Club 2018 Booking Open

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This year the amazing Summer Club’s Nutty Professor has built a time machine!

   Will it work?
     Who knows!

We will have to wait until 6th August to find out. 

Time Trekkers is a fun filled week of stories, laughter, crafts, games and songs which will see us travel in space and time around the world. It runs from 10 a.m. until 12.30 p.m. Monday 6 - Friday 10 and on Sunday 12 August 2018 as part of the Sunday service. All children attending Primary School after the summer holidays are very welcome.

We ask for a small donation of £1 per child per day to help cover the costs of the exciting week. 

You can reserve a space for your child(ren) through our Online Booking.


Roll Up For The Circus

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Summer Club 2014

The Summer Club during the August holiday this year had a circus theme with Pepperoni the Ring Master, Beanie the Clown, Flingo the Juggler, Susie Smasher the Plate Spinner, Puffer the Balloon Modeller and Mr Phantasm.

With over 80 children each day and a total of 96 children participating over the course of the week we had a great time and the kids did brilliantly in their groups: the Crazy Clowns, Jolly Jugglers, Amazing Acrobats, and Fantastic Firebreathers.

The Summer Club included games, crafts, drama, music, stories, led by members of Ferryhill Parish Church. During the week the children explored important themes including friendship, respect of others, our feelings, and honesty.

On Saturday we had a family picnic around the bandstand in Duthie Park and then on Sunday the final day arrived during the service with the arrival of the Queen for a performance of the Ferryhill State Circus... custard pies and all.

You will find a gallery of photos from the week below the jump.

Summer Club 2013

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The theme of this year's club was 'Ferryhill Festivals'.

From Monday to Thursday we celebrated a different festival each day. Monday was Easter, Tuesday was Harvest, Wednesday was Remembrance and Thursday was Christmas. We got a lot of funny looks from everyone else in church when we put up a Christmas tree and wore Santa hats! We did lots of craft work every day, we played games, sang lots of songs and we also had a visit to the Duthie Park.

On Friday we rehearsed for our special service on Sunday then we played games.

Saturday was a fun day as we had a visit from 'The Puppet Gang'. They put on two different shows - one for the older children and one for the younger children. We had to watch out for Naughty Tommy the Toucan who kept interfering in the show and we had to shout as loud as we could when he was being naughty.

The Sunday service was led by the Summer Club children who wanted to show their mums and dads what they had been doing all week. We heard stories about Easter, Harvest, Remembrance and Christmas and we sang all the songs we had been practising during the week. We then took everyone though to the hall to see the display of all our craft work.

Summer Club 2012

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The Summer Club held their very own 'Ferryhill Olympics' from 6th - 12th August 2012.

An average of 62 children took part in warm-up exercises, games, singing, stories and crafts activities every day. Each child made a very colourful mascot, an Olympic torch, a beautiful medal and a decorated boat as well as doing lots of pictures and puzzles.

The Olympic motto is 'Higher, Faster, Stronger' and we reflected this in our 3 groups. The yellow group were the 'High Jumpers', the green group the 'Fast Runners' and the blue group the 'Strong Swimmers'.

Summer Club 2011

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Rehearsing in the Church

The Summer Club was in full swing during the first week of August with nearly 50 children attending each day. The theme for the week was Volunteering and being helpful to others (Helping Hands).

The children were divided into 3 groups by age - the oldest group were called the Fair Traders (blue), the middle group were called the Sharers (green) and the youngest group were called the Carers (yellow). Activities throughout the week were all based on the theme and included lots of games and craft activities. Each group had a trip out to Easter Anguston farm at Peterculter. We also watched a DVD called 'Dave and the Giant Pickle' - the story of David and Goliath told by cartoon vegetables! Some of the children were involved in creating the web pages below. Most of the photos were taken by the children themselves - well done!

Summer Club 2010

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Caring for Our World

Summer Club runs for one week in August each year and is open to children who are attending primary school after the summer.

Our theme this year was 'Caring for our World' and focussed on the environment. Each day we sang songs, made crafts and played games. All our activities were related to caring for our environment. On Saturday we rehearsed our presentation for the Sunday service then we had our Eco-Olympics. Everyone won a medal (even the leaders!). On Sunday (dressed as penguins!) we sang our songs for all the mums, dads, grandmas, grandpas and friends.

Here are some photos that will show you the fun that was had by all (click on a photo to move on to the next).

Summer Club 2010 Photo Gallery