Summer Club

Summer Club 2013

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The theme of this year's club was 'Ferryhill Festivals'.

From Monday to Thursday we celebrated a different festival each day. Monday was Easter, Tuesday was Harvest, Wednesday was Remembrance and Thursday was Christmas. We got a lot of funny looks from everyone else in church when we put up a Christmas tree and wore Santa hats! We did lots of craft work every day, we played games, sang lots of songs and we also had a visit to the Duthie Park.

On Friday we rehearsed for our special service on Sunday then we played games.

Saturday was a fun day as we had a visit from 'The Puppet Gang'. They put on two different shows - one for the older children and one for the younger children. We had to watch out for Naughty Tommy the Toucan who kept interfering in the show and we had to shout as loud as we could when he was being naughty.

The Sunday service was led by the Summer Club children who wanted to show their mums and dads what they had been doing all week. We heard stories about Easter, Harvest, Remembrance and Christmas and we sang all the songs we had been practising during the week. We then took everyone though to the hall to see the display of all our craft work.