Summer Club

Summer Club 2011

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Day Out for the Fair Traders

On Tuesday the Fair Traders (the blue group) went to Easter Anguston Farm at Peterculter.

Unfortunately it was a very wet day!

When we arrived we found out about the swallow nest and the red-kites. The latter had a nest in the woods and the RSPB had set up CCTV cameras but unfortunately the camera was not switched on so we could not see them but the man told us all about them. Next we started our tour of the farm.

First we went to see the birds in the aviary.

Then we went to see the pigs. There were two little pigs in the shed. One was brown and the other black. We walked across to see the pink pigs (I think one was called Malvern).

There was a field next to the pig shed and there were cows in it.

There was another field next to that one and there were two ponies and a sheep. The ponies didn't come over though because we didn't have any food for them.

We saw guinea pigs and bunnies in the field adjacent.

There were two french hens and their markings were very different from the other hens. There was a new chicken pen that they had only made weeks before and they told us it was completely fox-proof. Then we were shown the fruit tunnels and we were allowed to eat the fruit.

There were also two ferrets which were brown and white.

We had our snack in the cafe and then we got the bus back. We really enjoyed our visit to the farm.

Words by Cameron (age 10), photos by Peter (age 23!)

The Good Samaritan

We heard the story of the Good Samaritan, told in a puppet show. The puppets were all made in the Craft room and were operated by some of our young helpers. 

Photos by the Sharers

Some of the Sharers (the Green Group) went round and took photos of all the activities (without any help from the grown-ups!).