Health and Safety Policy

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An electronic copy of this document is available here.
Responsibilities and Risk Assessment
Responsibility for health and safety matters rests with the Stewardship Team which will carry out regular risk assessments (including fire safety assessments) through the Property Convener for all of the Congregation’s properties. The Property Convener is also responsible for dealing with health and safety matters arising on a day to day basis. Employees, volunteers and those using the Church buildings should take appropriate steps to protect their own health and safety and all potential risks or concerns should be reported to the Property Convener or Caretaker as soon as possible.
Accidents and First Aid
  • First aid boxes are kept in: Kitchen Foyer, Pantry and Den
  • All accidents and cases of work-related ill health will be recorded in the Accident Book. The book is kept in the corner bookcase in the Atrium
  • The Property Convener is responsible for reporting accidents to the Local Authority where there is an obligation to do so.
Emergency Procedures
  • Fire and Evacuation - The Stewardship Team is responsible for ensuring that fire risk assessments are undertaken and implemented and that appropriate fire safety measures and evacuation procedures are in place.
  • Management of Asbestos - The Stewardship Team has put in place an appropriate asbestos risk management plan and will ensure that it isreviewed annually.
Individual Responsibilities
Fire Safety -- David Fryer, Caretaker
Insurance -- Aileen Swarbrick, Stewardship Team Convener
First Aid Boxes -- Linda Kerr via church office 
Reporting of accidents/incidents -- Property Convener (TBC)
In the absence of a Property Convener, please contact the Stewardship Convener Aileen Swarbrick – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.