Christmas Angels

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During this Advent season leading up to Christmas, we are offering a wee gift to the community in the form of some Christmas Angels.

Folks in the congregation and friends of the church have been busy knitting these angels in a variety of colours and patterns.

Why angels? You may remember that the Nativity story is full of angels who come to visit Mary and Joseph and the shepherds on the hillside with the message of good news that a child has been born who will come to bring peace. What is an angel? An angel in the Bible is a messenger from God.

We recognise today that there are angels amongst us wherever we are and whoever we are. Some bring a message of peace and love, some offer care and help, some help teach us about a better way to live. There is a bit of the angelic about any of us that choose to do these things and build good relationships in our community.

Our own knitted angels will have simple messages of good news added to them and then through Advent will be available outside the church. Please feel free to pick one up and enjoy it for a time yourself before then passing it on to a friend or neighbour, encouraging them to do the same.

If you would like to participate in creating the messages we add to the Angels then come to the church on Monday 2 December at 7 p.m.

We hope that over the weeks that these messages of good news will move around the community bringing some seasonal good cheer and joy.

A big thank you to all the knitters who have contributed to this project from all on our Worship Team.