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The Trustees of Ferryhill Parish Church have decided to close until further notice the Coffee Shop, Lunch Club and the Living Well Cafe that we host. This is both to protect those who are at higher risk from Covid-19 as guests and patrons, and also to reduce the risk to our many volunteers.

As of Sunday 15 March 2020 we are offering the following guidelines about the use of Ferryhill Parish Church and Halls:

General Guidance

  • We would ask that people refrain from shaking hands and all physical contact in the Church building until further notice.
  • If you are feeling unwell then please stay at home until you are better (seven days is being recommended).
  • Ensure that all areas are kept clean.
  • Wash hands regularly and thoroughly.
  • Please do not use home-baking or open plates of food. Individually wrapped cakes/biscuits are recommended.


  • Please do greet one another but not by contact! The BSL sign for “Peace Be With You” is being taught.
  • Those on the Welcome Team will hold the door open for you to the sanctuary.
  • The offering will no longer be received by passing the bags along the pews but rather through plates at the entrance to the church. Those on the offering count should ensure they wash hands both before and after handling the money.
  • Remember that all services are streamed online so you can join worship (and we will expand this provision for other events) from home at
  • Be aware that public gathering for worship may have to be suspended in order to best protect church members and the wider community. Online provision of worship will continue.

Pastoral Care

  • Pastoral support will be affected by Covid-19 which may mean a restriction in physical visits, following the guidance of hospitals, care homes and so on.
  • We will endeavour to maintain contact through other means (phone, email, video chat).
  • Should you need to make contact with the church please call either the office on 01224 213093 or the minister on 01224 949192.
  • If you would be able to assist in supporting the vulnerable or isolated over the next months please do offer your service.

We are trying to follow the guidance and advice available and follow best practice. We need to be sensible and put one another’s health at the forefront of our planning. Please keep an eye on the church’s website or facebook page for more information.